build mAid - [m]anage [A]ndro[id]
An easy and ready-to-use distribution for Android lovers

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Build environment/scripts for mAid - [m]anage [A]ndro[id]

The project was named “FWUL (Forget Windows Use Linux)” up to v3.x and has been renamed to “mAid ( [m]anage [A]ndro[id] )” with the release of v4.0.

Rebranding a big project like that is a challenge so you will still find the old “FWUL” brand in several places. That will change but that takes time.

Official XDA thread:


Setup & Prepare (Arch Linux)

No other distribution then Arch Linux is supported (for both: build system and release).

  1. pacman -S archiso jq pacman-contrib
  2. git clone ~/build_mAid

Usage / Build

64 bit (only available arch)

This is the only supported architecture for mAid!

  1. cd ~/build_mAid
  2. sudo ./ -A x86_64 -F

Use ./ --help to find all possible options like working directory etc.

Rebuild / Update ISO

  1. cd ~/build_mAid
  2. Add the option “-C” or “-F” option to the instruction in “Usage / Build”